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Retro chique

Flirt with the seventies in your own home with this striking living style!

Are you a bit old-fashioned? Are you fond of everything retro and vintage? Do you like to mix & match old and new elements in your interior? Aaand can you appreciate a touch of luxury? Then retro chic is like a warm bath waiting for you!

On this page, we’ll introduce you to this living style. Discover all the tips & tricks and be inspired. We are fans! You too?

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Your home in retro chic style

As with any living style, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to decorating your living room and/or dining room. In fact, the retro chic style is a mix of retro/vintage with a touch of modern luxury. And you, as the architect of your own ground floor, get to determine in detail how that mix will end up looking!

But which elements do we often see in retro chic living styles? Well, what’s striking is that most of the furniture often features round shapes. Not necessarily the dining table itself, but think of the finish of the tabletop, for example. There are many more places where you can highlight rounded shapes, think of a nice set of coffee tables, a sofa, or a recliner without real corners.

The herringbone floor is also a typical element that fits perfectly in a retro chic interior. But did you know you can also turn it around? For instance, combine a sleeker floor in terms of pattern with a herringbone table!

Retro chic colours

The shapes are important, but so are the colours! Within the retro chic living style, you can combine to your heart's content. Frequent colours are dark blue, variants of green, and cognac. In addition, we see colours that traditionally do well in houses with a retro style, such as yellow, orange, and brown.

Finally, we have some advice and a tip for you. Don't think in boxes, but think in possibilities. At Table du Sud we deliver customisation, which means that there’s always a combination of material and colour available that perfectly matches your style. Especially when it comes to dining sofas and sofas, we have an incredible number of flavours in store for you. Tip: how about a velvet sofa? A real retro chic eye-catcher par excellence!

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