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Customised Marazzi ceramic tabletop available in various colours, with powder-coated base Arlette. Looking for a hip, playful addition to your interior? Then our round ceramic tables are for you! The ceramic originates from the Italian company Marazzi and is scratch, impact and wear resistant. Equipped with the steel Arlette base, it is a proven winner. Compose your ceramic dining table right now! Prefer another shape? We also have oval ceramic tables and rectangular ceramic tables. 

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Product description

What is ceramic? Ceramic is an industrially manufactured product featuring clay as the main component. The clay is pressed under extremely high pressure before it is fired at a high temperature. There’s no surface that’s more scratch resistant and easier to clean than a ceramic table. In addition, a ceramic dining table is an ecologically responsible choice; 100% natural and no harm to the environment.

We have opted to collaborate with the Italian company Marazzi. This for two reasons:
1) They have the most beautiful prints.
2) Extremely good quality at an accessible price point.

You’ll find custom ceramic tabletops at Table du Sud. No assembly line work: our products are made specifically for you. Decide for yourself which size ceramic dining table best suits your interior.

By default, the ceramic tabletop is 12 mm thick and supplied in a Satin finish. This means that the finish of the top appears matte. The top is also very resistant to stains, acids, and fungi, is fireproof and guarantees maximum hygiene. Some ceramic tops are also available in the Lux finish, which looks glossy rather than matte.

Would you like to know more about the material? Read about it in our blog about ceramic tabletops.

Finally! A slender cross frame. Arlette is outfitted in a tube size of 10 by 4 cm. This narrow tube does not detract from the sturdiness, it just makes the table appear less pompous. Each frame is custom made in our own workshop. Plastic caps are attached to the bottom of the metal frame to protect your floor.

Click here for a download to Marazzi's magazine for multiple colors (available on request) and applications.

The veins of the ceramic do not continue at the edges; so the pattern is only visible on the top.

It remains difficult to determine how big an oval table will be in your home. We offer the solution: the Table du Sud round table pattern!

For every three tables sold we plant back a tree! Found out what else we do for sustainability.
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  • Bas | 23 Feb 2021 | 14:11:13 PM

    Fijn dat de medewerkers met je meedenken in de keuze, doen ze goed. Ga zo door!

Bianco Carrara

Het marmer Bianco Carrara heeft een kenmerkende heldere witte kleur en donkergrijze aders. Afgebeelde foto is het blok waar momenteel het marmer uitgesneden wordt! 

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