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Fenix tables from Table du Sud. A delightful new material that has been in use in exclusive Dutch kitchens since 2013. Fenix' many benefits appeal to consumers. We therefore couldn't resist turning it into beautiful tables! The table consists of a solid core plate 12 mm thick. The frames are made-to-measure in our workshop especially for a Fenix tabletop. The elegant Xavier base is a popular base for the round tables. 

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Product description

The surface is extremely matt and does not reflect. Therefore, the colour never fades. Another benefit is that fingerprints are not visible. In short, FENIX NTM (Nano Tech Matt Material) is a decorative panel material that is revolutionising the furniture industry. The surface is easy to keep clean and small scratches are easily repaired with the included miracle sponge.

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 Some tips for use:

  • Never place hot objects directly on the tabletop, always use a coaster;
  • Never cut directly on the surface, always use a cutting board;
  • Fenix tabletops are resistant to the usual "soft" household cleaners, but more aggressive substances are strongly discouraged.
  • Never use abrasive products (sandpaper) or aggressive cleaning agents such as paint strippers, brush cleaners, metal cleaners, oven cleaners or drain unblockers;
  • Sliding heavy objects such as beer crates or other plastic containers across it can cause permanent scratches.

Fenix maintenance

Like any other material used indoors, FENIX surfaces need to be cleaned regularly. It does not require any special maintenance, just a damp cloth with warm water or a mild detergent. Almost all normal household cleaning products or disinfectants can be used. For most common stains, simply wipe the surface clean with warm water and a non-abrasive cloth.

Stubborn stains can be removed using non-abrasive household cleaners or solvents.

If a spillage is old or burnt on, use a melamine sponge, the so-called miracle sponge or a soft cloth to remove it. After using a solvent you should rinse with warm water and a detergent. Always rinse thoroughly with clean water, preferably warm, to remove the detergent.

Small scratches can be removed using a damp tea towel and an iron. Place the cloth on the surface and iron it carefully with a hot iron. The surface will once again be as good as new afterwards.

For every three tables sold we plant back a tree! Found out what else we do for sustainability.
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  • Lillian | 15 Apr 2019 | 09:52:01 AM

    Deze tafel met dit specifieke onderstel is echt geweldig. Goed werk!

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Table top color

Do you want a maintenance-free table? Then choose one of the colors below. All tabletops are delivered with a very high quality, scratch-resistant lacquer applied in our very own modern spray booth. You can choose the “ultra matt lacquer” that ensures your furniture retains an untreated appearance. Do you want a different shade? Then choose one of our selected stains. After staining, all furniture is provided with 2 protective layers.


Nero Ingo


Blanco Kos (white)


Verde Comodoro


Blu Fes


Bronzo Doha


Castoro Ottawa


Grigio Efeso


Grigio Londra

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