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One of the first Danish oval tables that was delivered to its new home and then immediately in such a beautiful spot..

This Danish oval dining table with Lachaud base is 160 x 120 cm and is perfect for 6 dining room chairs. The top is made of new oak wood, with an ultra-matt lacquer. The top fits perfectly with the Hungarian point floor and thanks to the black powder-coated base it also connects without any problems. The organic shape of the oval table creates a subtle balance in the space and fits perfectly with the shape of the adjacent bay window.

The table is finished with a facet edge 12 mm 60 degrees, which gives the top a slim look and can be combined well with the slender Lachaud base.

The Mood 95 chairs have an equally slender, and perhaps even slimmer base. The seats are upholstered in the Berry beige fabric, which further continues the minimal look of the interior. By styling the room with a striking painting and the eye-catcher Vertigo pendant lamp, the complete picture is very inviting. The dark kitchen provides the necessary contrast, making the project very successful. Not only the owners think so, but also man's best friend.

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