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Nieuw Bergen - Poolhouse

Nieuw Bergen - Poolhouse


Nieuw-Bergen | Poolhouse

Table du Sud maakt jouw smaak.

The sky's the limit. Tables get big, bigger, big. Here we were able to deliver a whopper of a table of almost 4 meters. A wonderful place to get together and enjoy.

This 3.70 m Danish oval oak dining table is surrounded by the style and charm of the Mood #96 dining room chairs with PM07 bases. The balance of colors and contrast in this space is bold but perfect.

The black table, in the color 'deep black', almost stands out against the light gray floor. But due to the soft and light color(s) of the dining room chairs, the hard contrast between table and floor is brought back into balance. You can see that this has been well thought out!

Our Mood dining room chairs are not only our favorite, but also yours. And here it is with a nice twist. This model has a super comfy (insert) cushion. You determine the color and fabric. Here it's perfectly in tune with the rest, but you can make it as crazy as you want!

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