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Langerak - House

Langerak - house

A modern interior with a touch of hotel chique. The warmth of a herringbone floor and the nicest armchairs.


A modern and custom interior

And just wait until you see the Pastille loungechair

An endless space

A modern kitchen deserves a perfect table. That would in this case be our black dining table Pomm. It allows space for eight stylish Mood dining room chairs. Not too hard with a 260 x 100 cm table to pair it with. This room is filled with a calmth and a feeling of trust because of the blue shades added to a pallet of black and gray.

Herringbone floor
This interior gives off a warm feeling because of the herringbone floor which connects the dining room with the living room. Get comfortable after dinner by lounging in one of our Pastille lounge chairs. They are the ultimate combination between comfort and modern day design. It’s about time that you try one of these yourself.

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