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Hamont-Achel - House

Unieker dan dit kan niet... Een prachtige Suar boomstamtafel als eyecatcher omringd door warmte en stijl van onze Mood #101 eetkamerstoelen


Hamont-Achel - woning

Een Suar boomstamtafel met velvet eetkamerstoelen maken dit hotel chique interieur helemaal compleet!

Customization makes everything more beautiful, right? But a unique piece of furniture really takes the cake. Here is the perfect example of such a unique statement piece. And no, we are not talking about the beautiful lamps, but about the Suar tree trunk table. A Suar tree trunk table is made from one piece of wood, in other words one tree. And that also means that no Suar tree trunk table is the same. Wow, that's what we like to see.

We have been able to deliver such a unique table in this palace just across the border and we would like to show it to you.

The versatility of a Suar dining table is limitless. For example, it is very powerful in an industrial interior and it even adds some warmth. But make no mistake, even in a hotel chic interior you don't know what you see, so let's find out!

Dressed up with the most cozy dining room chairs, that must be our Moodies! Completely coordinated in style and with a luxurious look, partly thanks to the velvet fabric and the base in matching colour. To bring a touch of ton-sut-ton for extra elegance.

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