Our story

From a bar table made in our own shed to an innovative company.

Table du Sud was founded by the brothers Evert and Teun Antonissen. "At the end of 2014 we made a bar table for our own use in our parents' garage. In no time we sold five in a week via Marktplaats."

The positive reactions led to the realization to take the whole thing more seriously. Table du Sud has now been in existence for more than 6 years and continues to grow.

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A custom made bar table

When Teun started living on his own, he needed a custom bar table. After a bit of searching, it soon became apparent that a custom table, especially for a student, was reasonably priced. Evert at that time was studying to become a furniture maker, so the two brothers decided to make one themselves.

"Many people really liked the table, after which we put one on We kept getting more messages from people who also wanted a custom table and we noticed that there was a real demand for reasonably priced custom tables. That's when the ball started rolling. We founded Table du Sud in our parents' shed in 2015 and have grown steadily since then."

Table du Sud now employs 95 people, has 3 showrooms and the product range has expanded considerably. Because we offer our furniture to the customer directly from our workshop, we skip the middleman. This allows Table du Sud to offer the best customized products at a reasonable price.

We are Table du Sud

Home. A piece of familiarity, safety and self-realization. You want to be yourself there, right? With personality comes authenticity and we believe that your interior should also radiate this to really make you feel at home. Our experience is that there are too many standard options in the field of furniture, too much mass. So we do it differently.

We make furniture that you put together yourself. The size, material and color. As a result, we unite personal taste with innovation and design. Table du Sud offers quality without middlemen, with the aim of becoming one of the leading furniture companies in the Benelux.

The specialty of Table du Sud is and remains making oak tables with a metal or oak base. In addition to tables, you can also find sofas, dining room benches, chairs and various other custom furniture to complete the interior.

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