Monochrome home

A stylish black-and-white style

If you're about to (re)decorate a room in your house, the first choice is often, which colour?

One likes cheerful colours, the other likes a calmer colour palette. In this blog: Black and white living.

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Stylish and harmonious

The colour might be one of the most difficult choices when decorating your home. Upon entering a paint store, you might immediately be confronted with the extensive range of colours. Who knew there were so many shades of white? And how do you adjust your furniture to that?

A black and white colour palette is one of the simplest colour palettes that, despite its simplicity, can be very stylish and, above all, very harmonious. The monochrome colours basically serve as a foundation to which you can add different shades and tones. Due to the simplicity of the colours, a black and white interior often quickly forms a beautiful unity.

Living in black-and-white like a pro

If you have chosen the right basis for your interior, such as the colour of the walls and, for example, the floor, you can start working on choosing the right furniture for your monochrome home. Do you really want to live black-and-white like a pro? Then go for different shades and structures, which makes the whole a bit more exciting. Think of a variation between stone, fabric, metal, and wood and choose a nice fluffy plaid and soft grey cushions for the styling.


Versatile style

The great thing about a black-and-white interior trend is that it can be applied to almost any interior style. If you prefer the Scandinavian style, it's best to opt for subtle furniture and large smooth surfaces. Alternate warm and cold materials with each other and apply luxurious details. Does Industrial suit you better? Then go for tougher, robust materials (and furniture) and, for example, leather dining chairs.

Custom furniture that fits your interior

Thanks to Table du Sud's customisation, you can completely adapt our furniture to the black-and-white trend. Our wooden furniture can be made in a variety of colours, and the steel can be powder coated in black or white. Do you like a rougher look? Then you can also opt for the steel look, which also fits perfectly with your monochrome interior.

Have you already chosen a dining and coffee table? Then you may still be looking for the perfect sofa, dining sofa or dining chairs. These are all available at Table du Sud in different fabrics and colours, so you can match them perfectly with the rest of the interior!

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