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Modern sofa Donna is one of the most striking sofas in our range. We’re proud to deliver custom work and beautiful furniture from our own workshop. You’ll notice that the Donna sofa is a special case if you consider buying it. Literally everything about this sofa can be adjusted, so that you’re free to compose your sofa from head to toe.

Would you like to know more about our Donna and about the composition of this sofa? Then quickly read on. In this blog we’re going to put this beautiful sofa under a microscope.

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Different shapes

You should know that the pictured Donna sofa only shows one out of hundreds of possibilities. Of course, the picture gives a good impression of the sofa, but don't let it fool you. Even only in terms of shape alone, there are an incredible number of possibilities.

For example, the Donna is the right choice if you’re looking for a compact 2-seater, but also if your heart starts beating faster upon seeing a large corner sofa. The components of the Donna can be linked together in a design, so you’re free to create a new sofa whenever you want to. Need inspiration? Take a look at our corner sofas and U-sofas.


Materials, materials, and more materials. The choice is huge and that can rightly be called an understatement. Whether you go for a dark leather sofa, a lovely soft velvet sofa or another somewhat firmer fabric: the Donna makes it possible. This is why it’s smart to first map out exactly what you expect from your sofa when it comes to materials.

The material is a good beginning of your design process. Choosing between leather or fabric may not be a problem, but the choices that come after might make things difficult. So try to find out exactly what you have in mind. Do you want a fabric that’s easy to clean, a fabric that feels particularly soft, or a solid fabric that scores high in terms of hardness? It's all possible. Good to know: our experienced showroom employees have fabric samples of all fabrics. This way you can literally feel what a certain substance is like.

Armrests and legs

Wait, do I have to make choices here as well? Yes, of course! These are exactly the parts of the Donna sofa that allow it to distinguish itself from others sofas, all because of the many different options we have in store for you. Think of the thickness of the armrest and the design.

There’s also a lot that can be done when it comes to the legs. Think of classic legs in different heights and think of more robust legs. With this choice you basically indicate whether there should be a considerable space between the floor and the sofa or not. Both options have advantages and therefore it’s certainly worth thinking about this as well.


Just choose the colour of the sofa, right? It seems so simple, but try again when there’s dozens of options in front of you. Because how do you decide what the perfect colour is for your Donna? Of course, it’s impossible to be 100% certain before the sofa arrives at your home, but you can certainly consider some factors to maximise your odds.

First of all, it’s smart not to focus entirely on your new sofa, but to keep the total picture in mind. Make sure the new colour matches the rest of the decor so as to not upset the balance. If you’re going to replace a worn sofa, you can use that colour as a reference.

Light also plays an important role in determining the right colour. Do you have a lot of sunlight in your living room? Then the odds are there that a relatively dark colour will suddenly appear a lot lighter. It also works the other way around. In low light, a light colour looks darker.

To determine the right colour, it’s smart to bring as much as you can to our showroom. Think of pictures of your current interior, pictures of interiors that make you happy and any colour samples that you like. This way we can quickly determine the right colour of your new sofa.

Details and accessories

As you probably already know, the Donna consists of many different elements. In fact, literally all of its elements can be arranged to taste. You can make the seating area thicker, narrower, deeper, shallower, lower, or higher. Every change you make actually changes the design of the sofa, which means you actually get to be the director of your new acquisition.

You also have a lot to choose from when it comes to the cushions. Think of the quantity, of course, but also the appearance. You can choose from different closures, materials, and colours.  

Come admire the Donna

You’ll find part of our range in our showrooms. If you want to see modern sofa Donna in real life, we ask you to come to our showroom in Utrecht. This is our largest showroom and we expanded it in April 2022 with the Utrecht | Living area. In this section we focus on everything living room related and show surprising combinations of furniture and accessories. Be inspired and take a seat on the Donna yourself. Tip: also check our corner sofas and U-sofas

Let us advise you

In our showrooms, our experts are ready to provide you with appropriate advice. Did you know that we also offer 2D interior advice? During two appointments in our showroom, we will go hunting for your perfect interior.

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