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It's July and summer has started! There is just one thing on our mind: sitting outside. From a cozy breakfast together to a cup of coffee with the sun in our face or comfortably dining outside. Enjoyment is priority. A matching garden table is certainly part of that!


Since we have spent more time at home than usual in the past period, we may have discovered just how important it is to be able to stay in our own garden in the summer. What are you going to plant, is your lighting optimal and needless to say: which garden table are you going to place? Choosing the right garden table can give your garden just the boost it needs to look extra inviting. But how do you make this choice and what should you take into account? Read here which trends will set the tone this summer.


Bring inside out

The space you have outside is the perfect way to increase your living space. The easiest way to do so is choosing a dining table with enough space for the whole family or group. Bring on those garden parties! A large dining table also means enough space to put all those tasty snacks. The more comfortable you are, the more often you will use your table. For a robust look, choose our Suar tree trunk table, which has been specially treated to be well protected against the influences of the weather. Also keep in mind that you have enough chairs at a large table. You can find our collection of garden chairs here.


Go for timeless

Sustainability is a topic that cannot be ignored. We as a producer are actively working on this, but you can also make conscious choices yourself. How? By choosing a timeless design that you will enjoy for many summers. A garden table for the long term instead of the short term, that is less fashion sensitive. At Table du Sud you always choose quality furniture that is made to last. Our rectangular and tree trunk garden tables can be completely customized and you can choose from different bases. This allows you to put together a design that you will enjoy for years to come.

Hardwood vs industrial

An obvious design trend in garden tables is the use of natural materials. We can make our garden tables from two different types of wood, namely the African hardwood "Iroko" and the tree trunk variant called "Saman". Iroko is a type of wood that works little by itself and is therefore ideal for outdoor tables. Saman, like Iroko, is a natural product and is available in different sizes and shapes. All legs are made of metal and are treated with a special coating to prevent rusting. This metal base is the industrial counterpart in the whole. Together it gives a beautifully sleek and natural result.

Style your garden furniture with monochrome or colorful cushions and plaids to give it the vibe you are looking for and you're done. Come on with that sunshine!


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