Want to enjoy your sofa as long as you can? This is how!

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Completely satisfied with your new acquisition? Naturally, you want to enjoy it as long as possible. A sofa that will last more than ten years? Of course, that's possible! We have a few tips for you to extend the life of your sofa.

If you consider this, you’ll have a sofa that stays in tip-top shape for a long time. Become inspired and discover our useful tips.

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Light is very important for a sofa. Especially if you’re going to choose a colour, it’s smart to consider the light sources in your house. For example, a lot of sunlight can make a dark grey corner sofa suddenly look a lot lighter. But did you know that the same sunlight can also cause your sofa to discolour? Too much sunlight can not only cause discolouration, but wear and tear as well. So choose a strategic place for your living room and don't hesitate to regularly use the blinds and/or curtains to extend the life of your sofa.


During a cosy night of Netflix your dog might just snuggle against you on your corner sofa. How sweet and snug! Still, it's smart to keep your pet away from the couch. Pets have a greasier coat than humans and often take in sand which can seriously affect your sofa.


So try to keep your pets off your couch. Of course, it’s possible to opt for an intermediate solution. Assign a certain corner of your couch to your dog or cat and put a nice blanket there so the upholstery isn’t exposed to your pet.

Avoid the armrest

We don’t mean resting your arm or as a spot for a tray full of snacks, but people easily use the armrest as a temporary seat during a drink and/or conversation. The materials used to craft the arm- and backrest are completely different from the composition of the seating area.

Broadly speaking, the arm- and backrests are a lot more fragile and can't bear our weight that well. As a result, you’ll quickly damage the structure if you regularly sit on it, even if it’s only for a short time!

Briefly stand on your sofa? Don’t!

Hanging birthday flags, vacuuming a spot behind the sofa or, hanging a painting, all of these moments make you think: why not quickly hop on the couch and get this chore done in no time?! However, it’s important to note that standing on the couch can be a huge drain on the material. The suspension in the sofa is used to lift our weight evenly, but when standing, this suspension has to process too much at the same time. It isn’t designed for that. Prevent damage to the suspension by not standing on your sofa.

Sofa bed

A lovely sofa can easily be used as a sofa bed. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the best idea. Perspiration is a threat to the fabric. So a lot of sleeping on your couch can cause accelerated wear and tear. This happens even faster with leather sofas.


Taking good care of your sofa is very important, but so is maintenance. At Table du Sud we have various maintenance products in store for you to keep your sofa in tip-top condition. There’s a suitable solution for every material!

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