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How to maintain your garden table

This way your outdoor table is well protected and stays beautiful

When the weather's good, everybody wants to enjoy the outdoors. Well, Table du Sud's garden tables will help for sure! 

Because you want to enjoy your table as long as possible, here's some advice on how to treat your garden table for outside use.

Leave your garden table outside without worry

Good news! Table du Sud garden tables are always  treated professionally. That's why you can leave them outside without worrying. 

The table consists of a wooden top and a metal frame. The frame is maintenance-free, thanks to the powder coating we applied. The wooden top must be treated every 1 to 2 years the table is outside, so it retains its protection against weather influences. In addition, there are various maintenance products with which you can treat your wooden garden table. Here's a brief overview.

The maintenance package

Your tabletop is treated with Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector. If you want to treat the table again, you can order the maintenance package for outdoor tables in our webshop, specifically in your table's colour. The colour of your table is stated on the order confirmation / invoice.

The maintenance package consists of:
1- Exterior Wood Cleaner; this is a prep cleaner for the table.
2- Oil 100 ml Hybrid Wood Protector (enough for 3 m2)

If you want to age the planks, it's advisable not to oil the table. Over time, under the sun's influence, the tabletop turns grey. Don't want the top to turn grey? Then do use the maintenance oil.


This is how you treat your garden table

1: Moisten the surface with water.
2: Apply the Exterior Wood Cleaner.
3: Scrub the Exterior Wood Cleaner with a stiff brush along the grain until the wood is clean. The product will foam.
4: Rinse very well with water.
5: Allow the surface to dry thoroughly. (minimum 30 minutes)
6: Rub in Hybrid Wood protector of your choice. (correct colour)
7: Leave it on for a few minutes.
8: Remove all excess oil with a lint-free cloth. The surface should feel dry to the touch. Cloths impregnated with oil can ignite spontaneously and are therefore best immersed in water after use.

Tip: if you have a “Tracé outdoor table,” we recommend removing the top from the frame as to not damage the frame. The top is screwed to the bottom.

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