Maintenance outdoor table

Op deze manier blijft jouw buitentafel mooi en is hij goed beschermd

With a view of the nice weather you just bought a new wooden garden table at Table du Sud. Our outdoor tables can remain outside all year round. But how do you maintain your garden table so that it remains optimally protected against the effects of the weather?


Leave your garden table outside without worry

Great news! Because you have bought a Table du Sud garden table you may be ensured that your table is professionally treated, so you can leave it outside without a care!

This table consists out of a wooden top and a metal base. Thanks to the applied powder coating, the base is maintenance free. It is important to treat an outdoor table every one or two years to ensure its protection against the weather.


The maintenance package

Your tabletop is treated with Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector. If you are interested in another treatment, you can order the maintenance package for outdoor tables from our website, specific to your table’s colour, which is mentioned on your order confirmation/invoice.

The maintenance package consists out of
1. Exterior Wood Cleaner, a preparatory cleaner for your table.
2. 100 ml of Hybrid Wood Protector oil (enough for 3 m2)

If you are keen on aging your table’s planks, it is advisable to not oil your table. Under influence of the sun and the passing of time, your table will slowly age. If you do not want your table to age, use the maintenance oil.


This is how you treat your garden table

1. Use water to moisten the surface
2. Apply the Exterior Wood Cleaner
3. Use a stiff brush to scrub the Exterior Wood Cleaner along with the wood’s grain until its clean. The product will froth.
4. Rinse vigorously with water
5. Allow the surface to dry for a minimum of thirty minutes
6. Rub in the Hybrid Wood Protector that fits your colour
7. Allow the Protector to work in for a few minutes
8. Remove all excess oil using a lint-free cloth. The surface must feel dry to the touch.

Cloths permeated with oil are prone to inflammation and should thus be doused in water right after use.

Tip: if you have one of the “Tracé outdoor tables” and do not want to damage your base during oiling, we advise you to remove the tabletop from its base. The two are connected by means of screws underneath the tabletop.


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