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Dining room chair Jamy. Compose your own chair; ranging from material to colour! Jamy's design embraces almost every interior style, including yours!
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Product description

This chair can be upholstered in more than 100 different colors and materials. Currently, the materials and colors can only be viewed in our showrooms. The images on the website will be added asap.

Is dining for hours on end your biggest hobby? Then dining chair Jamy is made for you. The seating comfort of these chairs ensures that you no longer want to get up and makes you want nothing more than to sit in these chairs! Visit one of our showrooms and experience it for yourself.


  • Width 53 cm
  • Depth 60 cm
  • Height 81 cm
  • Seat height 48 cm
  • Seat depth 43 cm


Looking for a fabric or colour that fits your interior? That's no problem, because this can be adjusted as desired. Choose the right color, fabric and texture to take your dining space to the next level... Curious about all the possibilities? Then come and visit one of our showrooms!

Custom made 

Are you in the market for unique dining room chairs? This chair is available in the most beautiful colours and finest materials. Combine to make your own personal beauty. Do you have any specific wishes? That's no problem at all, cause we make your taste! 

Materials and properties

Carabbia fabric:
70% PES and 30% PAC: The fabric is flat woven with a somewhat coarse structure.

Ameno fabric:
100% PES: has a short-pile closed binding, the fabric has a soft "touch" and is similar to velvet.

Fignano fabric:
90% PES and 10% PAC: this coarsely woven multi-color has a tough look and feels wonderfully soft.

Brendola leather:
Covered leather, also called pigmented leather, is the least vulnerable type of the grain leather types. Hides that do not comply with aniline or semi-aniline quality are provided with a paint coating in which a grain correction may also take place. Because imperfections in the skin disappear, most of the natural drawing is lost as a result. It has excellent resistance to stains and soiling and is easy to maintain.

Rubano leather:
Semi aniline leather is comparable to full-aniline leather; the only contrast being that it has a thin protective layer. This makes it more resistant to stains and discoloration. It still retains much of the natural drawing of the original skin.

Belfiore leather:
Aniline leather, also called full aniline, is the epidermis in its purest form. All natural scars are visible and the treatment is minimal—cosmetic corrections on this type of leather are not possible. Only the best hides are eligible for this type of leather. The leather is dyed in a bath and no further coatings are applied. The result is a type of leather with a beautiful natural appearance of which no two skins are the same.

For every three tables sold we plant back a tree! Found out what else we do for sustainability.
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