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At Table du Sud we not only enjoy selling and making our furniture for you, but we are also in love with the furniture ourselves. Check out what furniture is the center of Ilse's home.

For each person there's a different suitable type of furniture, because nobody is the same! We are happy to show you which pieces we enjoy at our homes.



We chose for a light colour table top, because it fits in nicely with the floor. The light colour of the wood provides an optical expansion in the dining area. We previously had an oval table, but we noticed that the short side was not a full seat. ⁠⁠That's why we switched to a Danish oval table. The front side is perfect to use as an extra seat. In other words: we can easily eat, drink and play games with six people without running out of space!

At the table with children?

Read our inspiration blog about this! 

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