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data-link="/en/woonstijlen/quiet-luxury" data-text="Quiet luxury" data-sm-text="Minimal luxury based on high-end materials and designs." data-button="Discover this style" data-link="/en/woonstijlen/japandi" data-text="Japandi" data-sm-text="A soothing interplay between two styles, namely: Scandinavian and Japanese" data-button="Discover this style" data-link="/en/woonstijlen/hotel-chique" data-text="Hotel chic " data-sm-text="Luxurious and rich materials, as the name suggests. The style is characterized by the use of soft fabrics in combination with brass, marble and luxurious woodwork." data-button="Discover this style" data-link="/en/woonstijlen/scandinavisch" data-text=" Scandinavian" data-sm-text=" Minimalist and mostly natural tones. The Scandi look is a very accessible style, where less is definitely more." data-button="Discover this style" data-link="/en/woonstijlen/retro-chique" data-text="Retro chic" data-sm-text="The retro chic style is a mix of retro/vintage with a touch of modern luxury. What stands out is that the furniture often has round shapes. This does not necessarily have to be a round dining table, but this can also be in the finish of a table top." data-button="Discover this style" data-link="/en/woonstijlen/industrieel" data-text="Industrial" data-sm-text=" Industrial living is the atmosphere of a New York loft. It's tough, robust and edgy. Statement pieces with a calm base are the pillars of this style." data-button="Discover this style" data-link="/en/woonstijlen/modern" data-text="Modern" data-sm-text=" Clean lines, a spacious layout and luxurious materials. The modern style is anything but cold. Different fabrics, striking colors and elements are used that make the interior truly fascinating." data-button="Discover this style" data-link="/en/woonstijlen/landelijk" data-text="Country" data-sm-text="The style of the farmhouses, the countryside. Back to nature in all kinds of ways. Think oak beams, raw materials and natural colours." data-button="Discover this style"

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