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Check out this chair from Moods: sleek, modern and designer style all in one. The chair has a nice open seat and a slender frame of powder coated steel. A beauty of a chair to add to your wooden dining table, desk, conference table or in a restaurant. Nice to know that your chair is made especially for you on order. So you define your own Mood (chair).
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Hip Hop Cat. 2 Beige
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Hip Hop Cat. 2 Cacao
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Hip Hop Cat. 2 Red
Hip Hop Cat. 2 Silver
Hip Hop Cat. 2 Turquoise
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Hip Hop Cat. 2 Yellow
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Tampa Cat. 3 Taupe
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Genova Cat. 4 Cognac
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Genova Cat. 4 Grey
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Genova Cat. 4 Turquoise
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Puma Black
Puma Bordeaux
Puma Brown
Puma Carbone
Puma Carmine
Puma Chocolat
Puma Grey
Puma Ivory
Puma Mastic
Puma Nature
Puma Olive
Puma Rosso
Puma Savane
Puma Taupe
Puma White
Montana Anthracite
Montana Black
Montana Brown
Montana Coffee
Montana Cream
Montana Dark Blue
Montana Lime
Montana Mastic
Montana Orange
Montana Red
Montana Sand
Montana Silver
Montana Tangerine
Montana White
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Product description

The dimensions of the chair are 87 x 47 x 58 cm (h x w x d). More importantly: the height of the seat is 48 cm. We have selected a number of fabric colours and frame colours for you to choose from. If you want a different colour or type of upholstery, colour or type of frame, at Mobitec there are many options. Would you like more information? Ask us!

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