Suar boomstam tuintafel -poot 10x10 RVS

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*Please note: our large inventory is only available for viewing in Heeze* View our real time inventory via the "view our inventory" button and select your own tree trunk! In our workshop in Heeze we always have a wide selection of the most beautiful sheets of wood in stock in different sizes. This garden table with a XX-frame is made of saman wood and has been specially treated. So that you can now have our beautiful saman live edge table outdoors. The tabletop is oiled, which gives it good protection against the effects of the weather.

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Product description

The saman table is a natural product and the tabletops come in all kinds of designs. You can view all the shapes and sizes (from 180 to 400 cm) in our unique inventory via the above "view our inventory" button.

No mass-production or use of reinforced materials, instead each piece is a unique and authentic dining-room table which was made by hand. Tabletops are machine planed to make them smooth. This includes the edge that is made 100% splinter free. No need to worry, even with small children at the table. Our saman tables can also be combined with other frames shown on the website.

These saman garden tables of course need to be complemented by matching beautiful garden seats. Take a peek!

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Laat hieronder uw beoordeling achter, alvast bedankt

  • van de meer | 02 Aug 2019 | 11:11:10 AM

    Eerste bedrijf waar we echt mooie tuintafel tegen zijn gekomen. Erg tevreden over de kwaliteit


Table top color

Choose below for the ultra matt lacquer or the brown lacquer. Both offer good protection against circles and stains. Only tea bags should not be placed directly on the table. Stains of red wine should also be removed within 3 hours.


Ultra matte lacquer



Suar boomstam tuintafel -poot 10x10 RVS 1

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