Ovale Marmeren Eettafel Xavier

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Marble is back in business. This veined natural stone provides peace and quiet and its beautiful nerves, along with a subtle gradient, make for a chic appearance. At Table du Sud we don’t like fake material; our marble is one-hundred percent authentic and obtained from Italy. These tabletops are impregnated and available in multiple colours!

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 Pay attention! Our marble tabletops are extremely heavy, so we only deliver them on the ground floor. If you want the table to be delivered to the first floor or higher, one of our colleagues will contact you to discuss both your specific situation as well as the additional delivery costs!

This beautiful marble dining table has a default blade thickness of 2 centimeters and is combined with a base from our own collection.

We only import the finest marble from Italian quarries. Because we select these blocks of marble ourselves, we are ensured of only the highest and most consistent quality of goods. As a result, you – our customer – will never face any unwanted surprises. Once these blocks of marble arrive in the Netherlands, they are tailor-milled and finished in line with our national level of quality. In our workshop in Heeze, we produce its accompanying base before assembly. Voila! the journey from rough stone to your personal eyecatcher in a nutshell!

Oval tables are known for their old-fashioned charm. The lack of straight lines means that everyone can see each other and no one is far away at the head or the foot. This makes round tables ideal for a relaxed dinner, a fun after dinner drink, or a games night with friends.

It is easy to combine marble with other natural elements, such as wooden floors, shades of pastel, and delicate rugs. Due to marble’s veiny structure, these tabletops sport a rich appearance that fits with all kinds of interior designs. If you want to give your interior design just that little bit extra, try combining marble with velvet and brass gold.  

*At Table du Sud we treat the marble with an agent that provides its open structure with a protective layer. It is, nevertheless, important to maintain the stone every now and then, as marble is a porous natural stone which easily suffers from spots and circles, unlike oak tabletops. This means coasters are anything but a superfluous luxury.


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  • B vd Zanden | 03 Apr 2020 | 15:07:15 PM

    De marmeren bladen zijn prachtig, fijn dat ze ook behandeld zijn voor levering. Erg tevreden!

Bianco Carrara

The Bianco Carrara marble has a distinctive bright white color and dark gray veins.

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    Het blijft lastig om te bepalen hoe groot een ovale tafel nou écht is in huis. Wij bieden je de oplossing: het Table du Sud ovale tafel knippatroon! Helaas ontvangen wij regelmatig e-mails van klanten die toch de nieuwe ovale tafel te klein besteld hebben. De prijs voor het knippatroon valt in het niet als je het vergelijkt met het wisselen naar een groter tafelblad. Na gebruik van het knippatroon ontvangt u bij bestelling van de tafel €20 retour!
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