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The Sten is a woven rug in a pretty light colour. It is a wool rug that is woven in India. It has a flat structure and a timeless design. It is reversible and is available in different types and sizes. This rug is easy to maintain due to its material and its thickness. It can be custom from € 150 per sq m.

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Sten 115 can be viewed at our showrooms in Heeze and Nieuwkoop.

MOMO Rugs is a unique and exclusive brand. The collection is hand woven, made of pure wool and offers many personalisation options. Not only are the rugs available in different colours, but they are also available in many different sizes! This way MOMO Rugs manage to create just the right atmosphere in any interior with their floor rugs.

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    With this Protexx Carpets set your rug will stay in tiptop condition. The set contains a textile spray to protect your rug against dirt and stains. The set contains enough for 1 rug (up to 10 sq m). Your rug is guaranteed stain-free for 5 years. Your rug will receive a professional protection product treatment. After this treatment, the carpet is fully protected against stains from food, drink and other things. These cannot cause a permanent stain thanks to the Protexx protection.
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