Personal interior advice

As our vast collection houses many different styles, you will undoubtedly find the furniture that fits you perfectly. Ranging from rustic to modern, we will help you find your style – or a mix of multiple!

During a personal consultation you will set out on a quest to find the interior that fits your needs. Already know what you love, but unable to put these wishes into practice? Our interior stylist is more than happy to help you furnish your dream home with a vast selection of furniture.

It is not necessarily required to make an appointment, you’re free to pop in whenever it fits you and if we’re open.

A visit to one of our showrooms will generally be quieter during weekdays. It may be that you must wait a while due to COVID-19 measures.

Make an appointment

Want to be certain of personal advice? Think of a complete furnishing of table, chairs, and sofa. We are happy to schedule an appointment and provide you with personal design advice. An appointment is free of charge and generally takes 45 minutes.

Showroom in Heeze on Wednesdays.

Showroom in Nieuwkoop on Thursdays.

Interested in an appointment in Nieuwkoop on a friday? Please contact Please state a preferred date, time and telephone number in the request. The appointment will be scheduled in consultation with Mieke.

What can you expect?
• A look through our collection.
• Advice regarding furnishing, colours, and the combination of materials.
• A nice cup of coffee or tea.


Come prepared

Try and bring as much information as possible to your appointment. Think of a floor plan, clear pictures of the current situation, images from magazines, your Pinterest board… In short, anything which inspires you!

After registration, you will receive a confirmation mail regarding your appointment. We would love to hear which problems you’re running into and how we may help. For example, finding the perfect furniture combination regarding your kitchen or living room or finding the ideal size for your dinner table. These appointments are entirely without obligations.


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