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Four-sided planer

Our 130HP (!) four-sided planer stands at the beginning of the production cycle. After planing, the solid beams are rectangular even to the hundredth of a millimetre.


Hydraulic blade press

After planing comes the bonding of the beams. With a dedicated hydraulic blade press the beams are bonded under extreme pressure. After 45 minutes, the blades are dry enough to retrieve.


Five-axis computer controlled milling machine

Then, the blades are cut to size and readied for finishing. For oval and round tables, we use our five-axis computer controlled milling machine. Using this machine, we’re able to mill oval tables with a maximum size of 430 by 160 cm. Due to the five-axis module we are also able to program the facet edge as well as some additional special operations.


The spray booth

For the finishing of the blades, the workshop is equipped with special lighting so that all irregularities can be removed from the blade prematurely. Throughout the production process, the blades are provided with labels so that everyone in the workshop is aware of the desired finish. After all blades have passed the first quality check, they are lacquered or oiled. When the lacquer or oil is dry, a final quality check is carried out.


Manufacturing the base

While one team is busy with the blades, another team is working on the metal bases. These are produced at precisely the correct height. The degreasing and treatment of bare metal also entirely passes in-house.


As you may see from the 360-view displayed above, our factory is adjacent to the showroom. Customers are often shown through the factory to view our latest creations. We work on more than eighty tables week in week out, so there’s a decent chance your desired table size/finish is in our factory.
After the final check, the blades and legs are labelled and packed for transport. Our own transport service ensures your table arrives safely and is assembled properly.


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