Round suar coffee table Beau

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The Beau coffee table, executed in the beautiful saman wood!

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This live edge table is made from saman wood. This is an Indonesian tropical wood. What is extra special about the saman table is that the top is made from a single piece, which makes each of them unique.  You can choose between two finishes colors: ultra matt lacquer or brown lacquer. Both treatments provide excellent protection against stains and marks. The ultra matt lacquer retains the natural colour of the saman wood. The brown lacquer gives the tabletop a rather darker and intense colour, making the wonderful flares of colour in the wood stand out even more. Any scratches and knots will not normally be filled in, leaving the tabletop as natural as possible. We can fill them on request. 

No mass-production or use of reinforced materials, instead each piece is a unique and authentic dining-room table which was made by hand. The saman tabletops are 7 to 8 cm thick. Tabletops are machine planed to make them smooth. This includes the edge that is made 100% splinter free.  Our saman tables can also be combined with other frames shown on the website.

For every three tables sold we plant back a tree! Found out what else we do for sustainability.
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  • Fam. van Herten | 22 Oct 2020 | 10:21:23 AM

    Naar wat ze op voorraad hadden konden we zelf onze 'boomstam' kiezen. Heel erg blij mee.

  • Vigo | 01 Feb 2020 | 11:09:40 AM

    Mooi ontwerp

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Do you want a maintenance-free table? Then choose one of the colors below. All tabletops are delivered with a very high quality, scratch-resistant lacquer applied in our very own modern spray booth. You can choose the “ultra matt lacquer” that ensures your furniture retains an untreated appearance. Do you want a different shade? Then choose one of our selected stains. After staining, all furniture is provided with 2 protective layers.


Ultra matte lacquer


Lacquer, natural look.

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