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Has one of the oval dining tables caught your eye? Then we have good news for you. At Table du Sud we love to roll up our sleeves for you in our own workshop. We have different oval shapes, materials and colours for you so that you can compose your perfect oval dining table. Be inspired by all the possibilities. To help you on your way, we have collected all relevant information for you on this page.


Four oval shapes


Perhaps you already figured it out: that new oval dining table is the one. Still, it’s good to know that the classic oval shape is one of no fewer than four available variants. Naturally, traditional oval is exactly what you imagine. 


We’re also proud that Danish oval originated in our own workshop in Heeze. With Danish oval, the curve towards the end suddenly runs straight in, creating a full-fledged seat on both head sides. This is ideal for larger families with children or if you’re looking for a large table to enjoy life with a big group. 


We also have the semi-oval shape in store for you. This is a subtle oval table that kind of looks like a rectangular dining table, but with a curve. Finally, there’s the semicircle. This is a straight table with a semicircle on the head side. Would you like to know more about the specific shapes? Then read our blog about the 4 oval shapes


All materials for your oval dining table


Our specialty is working with oak, but that is really just the tip of the iceberg. When looking for a new dining table, the material is one of the most important factors. It's good to know that we have many different materials in store for you, each with their own advantages.


Of course we have oval oak dining tables, oval Fenix and oval walnut dining tables for you. Are you looking for a tabletop with a striking design? Then take a look at the oval herringbone tables.


If we leave the wood be for a while, we quickly arrive at oval ceramic and oval marble tables. And of course we also have oval concrete tables for fans of the industrial. Tip: would you like more information about the materials? Then visit one of our showrooms in Heeze, Utrecht or Deventer and let our experts advise you.


All possible colours


When fantasising about your new dining table, you may often think of the traditional wood look. But of course we have many more flavours in store for you. From Deep Black to Silk White and everything in between. There’s no fewer than 11 different colours available, so you can always choose a colour that matches your taste and the rest of your interior.

But how do you choose the right colour? Try to consider the incidence of light, for example. A relatively dark colour can suddenly appear a lot lighter if the table catches a lot of sunlight. In addition, it’s smart to not only focus on the dining table, but also on the dining room or kitchen where you’ll place your new acquisition. Don’t forget to make sure the colour fits well with the rest of the interior.


Frames for oval tables


The great thing about having our own workshop is not only that we can make everything by ourselves, it’s also the freedom of experimentation with different shapes and materials. We also make the frames for our tables ourselves. In the meantime, this has resulted in a nice collection of frames to choose from when you’re composing your new dining table.


From classic four-legged frames to the more creative variants that really stand out. The literal foundation of your new table offers plenty of possibilities. Are you looking for inspiration? Then take a look at our separate frames and who knows, you might find your star!




Not sure whether an oval dining table is for you? Maybe it's smart to take a look at some of the advantages, they might just convince you! For example, an oval dining table has a cosy image, as everyone can look at each other. Great fun when you're all discussing the day or playing a card game.


In addition, an oval table has soft lines, as mentioned. There are no corners at all, which makes for a soft appearance. Finally, you use your space efficiently with an oval table. Were you initially considering going with a round table? Perhaps you’ll get more out of your space with an oval one!


Order your oval table online


As you have read above, we do everything we can to help you set up your perfect oval dining table by yourself. Naturally, one of our showroom employees can help, but you can also compose one online. On the page of your new purchase, you’ll find the button 'Configure yourself'.


After this you have the option to assemble your oval dining table from head to toe. But how exactly does this work? To help you with this, we’ll walk you through the ordering process. This way you won’t be faced with any surprises, and you can be sure that you’re buying the right table.


Choose the shape

To make sure you choose the right shape, we would like to bring it up once more. Choose from classic oval, Danish oval, semi-oval or semicircle.


Tabletop finish

In the case of oak, you have the option of choosing a special tabletop finish. For example, you go with lived oak if you would like the knots and cracks to remain. We also have new oak and refined oak. Want to know more? Read the page about our oak wood



We have more than ten colours in store for you. Choose your favourite.


Edge finishing

We can just leave the edge as it is, but you also have the option of opting for a facet edge or a 20-degree edge.


Finishing frame

You also have several options when it comes to finishing the frame. Do you opt for the traditional steel look, or can we get our hands on a white or black powder coating for you? The choice is yours!


Frequently asked questions about our oval dining tables


How much does an oval dining table cost?

You determine the price of a dining table yourself, as you are the director of your table. The choices you make ultimately result in the price.


What is the delivery time of an oval dining table?

You’ll find the current delivery time on the page of your table. These delivery times are susceptible to change and are updated immediately if the situation changes.


What are the delivery costs of an oval dining table?

We deliver for free on the ground floor if your order value is above €250.-. Want to know more? Read all about possible delivery costs on our delivery page.


How much space do I need for my oval table?

In our blog about the number of seats at the table, we’ll discuss this in more detail.


How big should an oval table for six people be?


How many chairs will fit on my oval table?

This partly depends on the type of seats you have. For example, dining chairs with armrests take up more space than chairs without. A maximum of six people can fit at a table with a length of 1.80m. You can already accommodate 8 people on the 2-metre models and from 2.60m you have enough space for 10 people.


What is Danish oval?

The Danish oval shape was designed in our workshop and has quickly become a popular option. Full-fledged seats are created at the head sides of a Danish oval table because the long sides suddenly run inwards at an angle. Curious about this furniture? Check out our Danish oval dining tables.


I've seen a nice oval table. Do you also sell them in a different colour?

Hell yes! The images of our furniture merely show the tip of the iceberg. All furniture is available in different sizes, colours and materials.


Do I get a warranty on an oval table?

That's right. All Table du Sud furniture comes with a 12-month warranty. Want to know more? Read all about our warranty.


Do you also sell separate oval tabletops?

Yes! Take a look at our separate oval tabletops.


How can I best maintain my oval table?

We have various maintenance products in our range for proper maintenance. Find the right product for your material. This way you’ll keep your table in top condition.


Do I have to make a down payment?

This isn’t necessary if you order from the showroom. For an online purchase we always ask for a small deposit of 10% of the purchase amount.


In addition to oak, do you also sell oval tables made of other materials?

Hell yes! We have different materials that we use to fabricate our tabletops. Would you like to know more about these materials? Then read our pages about Suar, Fenix, marble, ceramic, herringbone and concrete.

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