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Both design and comfort are central to our products. Design sofa Hampton therefore has the best of both worlds. Plop down and enjoy. This gray sofa may not initially look like a mega comfy place to spend the evening. But looks can be deceiving, because it fits great!

In addition to tables, you can also come by for a custom sofa. Decide for yourself which size fits best in your living room. A two-seater with a stool or a corner sofa? Fabiënne from @huisjeophetplein went for the first option in this case and is very happy with it!

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"The sofa is really lovely, fits perfectly in our house in terms of color and is a bit different from the standard sofas that you see. There is another ottoman in the bay window, this one is ideal for next to it! This way we have an extra seat or can we shove him in front of the couch if we want to chill out."

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Lack of creativity? Here you'll find more beautiful combo's.

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