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Latest interior trend!

Also such a fan of marble? Then this trend is just for you! We see it more and more often in homes. Think of kitchen worktops, tiles, coffee tables, dining tables ... It is a trend with a beautiful appearance that is easy to combine. But what is so typical about this trend? And which furniture suits it best? Will you read along?



Marble is a type of lustrous limestone that provides a luxurious appearance. On top of that, it is a sustainable material that will last you a lifetime. As you might have read in the introduction, it is easy to combine marble with several types of interior design styles. An obvious pick would be the industrial style, but marble will also be a great fit for more rural/modern styles. Marble provides your interior with a unique touch that transforms your design from something standard into something more playful. Moreover, marble ensures a tranquil look and will thus blend well with the rest of your interior design.

Because all our tables are impregnated, they are better protected against spots and stains.


Which furniture do you pick?

There are multiple ways in which you can incorporate marble into your home. Besides the usual, such as marble tiles and kitchen worktops, we see the material being used in furniture as well. Table du Sud also implements marble in furniture, namely in the form of beautiful dining tables with a top thickness of two centimetres. The colour, the measurements, and the finish of the base are all yours to decide. There are three possible colours: Bianco Carrara, Nero Marquina and Greystone. Looking for a dining table with a marble top? Let’s find some inspiration!

REctangular dining table

The rectangular dining table comes in a shape that’s been cherished for many years – one that usually fits well in most spaces. The colour, named Nero Marquina, is shown at the top left of your screen. This shape/colour combination basically provides your interior with a true eyecatcher. Integrate the table with a wooden herringbone floor and you do not only have a beautiful combination, but one that also allows both the table and the floor to truly come into their own.  

OVAL MARble dining table

One of the most favoured shapes for dining tables is undoubtedly oval. The combination of this shape with a marble dining table is not only unique, but also allows you to come up with a playful design! The colour Bianco Carrara is shown in the picture below; consider picking this colour if you prefer a light/bright interior. You could also create more contrast by opting for a darker floor, for example. As everybody present can clearly see one another, an oval dining table is the perfect pick for a cosy table setting. Add some beautiful dining chairs and your dining area will look just lovely!


ROUnd shape

As with the oval shape, the round dining table is a genuine mood maker. On top of that, the round dining table is ideal for smaller spaces, as you’re still more than able to create plenty of seating areas without sacrificing the entire living room to your dining area. You’re also able to pick a circular table with a diameter of 110 cm. That’s how you to create a nice and cosy spot!

Your custom table

At Table du Sud you’re able to completely personalise your table to the extent that it materialises straight out of your mind! All our tables are manufactured in our personal workshop by people with a sincere heart for the business. As a result, you’ll be happy with your (for example) marble dining table for years to come! By the way, full customisation like this applies to all our tables. Also looking for dining chairs or that one comfy armchair to accompany your couch? You complete your own interior design at Table du Sud! 

Release your playful side

At Table du Sud you can count on unique designs. For instance, think of all the table bases. These are certainly not generic. On the contrary, they establish your dining table as the focal point of the room – one you won’t grow tired of for a long time. Don’t hesitate to take a closer look at all our dining tables to get a good impression. Naturally, this also goes for our other furniture. If you have any trouble making a decision, feel free to make use of the chat feature or get in touch with our customer service.


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