Interior trend green

Warm & natuurlijk

A clear trend that had been around since last year, which is again very hip this year: the colour green! Not surprising, the colour of nature provides a soothing feeling and you really bring a piece of nature into your home. How can you do that best, you wonder? Then read on.


Green without a green thumb

A walk in the forest or on a large lawn can give you a very relaxing feeling. You can get this nice feeling at home by adding green tones.

In addition, we are all increasingly aware of our surroundings and the environment. Sustainable materials are increasingly being used, but you can also take the trend literally by bringing the colour green into your home.

Combine different shades of green to give your interior a fresh look. This can of course be in the form of plants, but there are also ways in which you do not necessarily need a green thumb.


Styling tip - interior styliste Maudi

The colour green is a beautiful basic shade that can easily be combined with various other shades and materials. By adding accessories to your interior in combination with light woods and natural materials you create a cozy. warm look. If you choose green as an accent colour for example on the wall or paneling, it will be a beautiful entirety. Style it all with different types of plants and you're set!

Do you like greenery but would you rather not get it to prevail? Then opt for something more subtle, such as soft green chairs or a moss-coloured sofa.


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