Everything about Fenix tables

Sleek design combined with a soft touch

We see innovation everywhere, including in table tops. In 2013, a new type of material called "Fenix" was developed with the aim of meeting the needs of two interior design trends: smart materials and matte surfaces. The result is a surface that is extremely matte and does not reflect. This preserves the colour of the top and fingerprints are not visible. Superficial scratches can even be repaired thermally. Enough reasons for Table du Sud to include this material in its range. Are you new to Fenix or are you simply looking for more information about this fantastic material to make your choice? Read more about the benefits of Fenix and the possibilities at Table du Sud here.



Looking for a smooth, but strong tabletop that is easy to keep clean? Cross that one off! We present to you our Fenix tables! Fenix is a thin board material with nanotech coating. This board material is made of paper (over 60% in density) and thermosetting resin. The outer surface is treated with a new generation of acrylic resin, which is then hardened and secured through a process of electron beam curing. All rather technical, but it does result in a surface with an exceptionally matte and smooth structure.

Due to this electron beam curing process, the surface has managed to gain a sort of memory of its own. You can activate this memory using heat, which then automatically repairs small scratches. Convenient? Absolutely!


FENIX composition

Table du Sud offers different shape and colour options for your Fenix tabletop. We have rectangular, oval, and round tabletops in our collection – all of which can be crafted according to your chosen measurements. Our tabletops are made out of Volkern 12mm solid board material.  

Another advantage that Fenix offers is that it’s available in different colours. The following colours are available and always in stock at Table du Sud: Nero Ingo (black), Blanco Kos (white), Verde Comodoro (olive), and Blue Fes (marine). 

Finally, you have the option to combine the Fenix tabletops with some of our well-known bases. We will fully customise all these bases with regard to your Fenix table!

FENIX IN your interior.

Due to its materials, the Fenix table is quite sleek and modern. The tabletop is, in addition, ultrathin. To retain balance in your dining room, we recommend picking a somewhat subtler chair. Try to think of one with sleek legs and a seating that is not too thick. Did you choose an oval dining table? Then a chair with organic, rounded curves could be a wonderful pick (see picture above). As the tabletop looks rather cold, it might be nice to choose warmer materials for the other pieces of furniture/accessories. For example, a chunky knit plaid or a chair with more structure to its fabric.


fenix put to a scrub

Like all materials used in any interior, Fenix-surfaces must be cleaned regularly. It does not require special maintenance; just use a damp cloth with warm water or a mild detergent. Nearly all common household cleaners or disinfectants are appropriate. Regarding the most common spots and stains it is sufficient to clean the surface with warm water and a non-abrasive cloth.

The most obstinate of stains can be removed using non-abrasive household cleaners or solvents.

In order to remove old or encrusted food remnants it is best to use either a melamine sponge – also known as the wonder sponge – or a soft cloth. After using any solvents, it is advised to quickly rinse with warm water and a cleaning agent. Always make sure to rinse thoroughly – preferably with warm water – before removing the cleaning agent.

You can easily remove small scratches by using a damp kitchen towel and an iron. Place the kitchen towel on the tabletop and carefully iron over it (the iron should be warm). Afterwards, the tabletop should look all fine and dandy again.


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