Industrial style

Stoere tafelbladen, stalen onderstellen en meer!

A style that we currently see a lot in Dutch interiors is the industrial style. This is usually characterized by its simplicity and the use of robust, sometimes rough materials such as steel and the use of unprocessed wood. Many think of the combination of brick, metal, gray and concrete, but the industrial style can also be applied subtly. This can be done, for example, by choosing specific colors for furniture. At Table du Sud we have an extensive range of industrial tables, but what makes our industrial tables stand out from the rest?

thE TAbletops

First and foremost; all our industrial tabletops are created by our craftsmen from either lived or “new” oak. A lived tabletop has a sturdy, authentic look with an appearance that leans towards the rougher side. The knots and cracks are left open and the tabletop is subjected to a specific brushing treatment. This treatment allows the whole to evoke our characteristic, industrial style. If you prefer another finish, then that’s no problem at all. We can customise your industrial table entirely to your personal tastes.

You may pick between four different arrays of tabletops that differ in top thickness, namely: Montpellier (5 cm, solid), Orléans (6 cm), Nice (8 cm) and Lourdes (6 cm, solid). Solid oak literally means one whole, whereas a thickened top is composed by adding different layers of oak.  


A strong feat

Once you’ve picked your tabletop, you’re free to pick its base as well. The base options do depend on the shape and measurements of your tabletop, so please keep this in mind while choosing. The bases are made either of stainless steel or of metal. With both options the original welds, which endow your industrial table with an even tougher appearance, remain visible. At the moment our favourites are the XX, U, Gap, and Felix bases. For the finishing of the metal bases you can opt for a powder coating (either in black or white) or you can opt for a clear, “simple” steel colour. If you do opt for an industrial look, we can surely recommend the latter! Thinking about a more natural look? Then pick an oak base. In for a real eyecatcher? Then take a look at our golden bases.

Every base is custom-made in our own workshop. To ensure the protection of your floor, we fasten plastic pads underneath the legs of the metal bases.


IN your interior

Like the industrial interior style as a whole, the industrial dining table embodies a dominant character. It is usually not a small table where you have a quick breakfast at. The industrial dining table is the centre of the (dining)room and commands a suitable appearance to tackle this role. A table like this is a beautiful fit to a concrete floor with matching chairs. For an industrial combination you could pick a leather chair with steel legs and achieve a very delicate contrast. A prime example of this is the Mood #95 PM06 in Afrika leather. As every interior is different, we offer a multitude of different combinations here at Table du Sud. You’re able to fully customise anything to your needs and create your own style – perhaps with an industrial touch.


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