Christmas decoration #2

Inspiratie voor het stylen van de kersttafel

Christmas is coming! What are your styling plans for this year’s Christmas table? Have you decided on your tableware? How will you make your table even cosier? We already gave some advice in decorate your Christmas table volume #1, but we’ve taken it to another level to supply the best decorative ideas. This episode: Scandinavian, rustic, and modern!


God jul!

All things considered, we Dutchies know a thing or two about cosiness. However, those up in the far north know how to play as well. So, it is no surprise that the Scandinavian interior design style is hot and happening. These are some of the standard parts of a Scandinavian Christmas table:

• Preferably a natural oak table
• White, with basic tableware
• Minimalistic cutlery, black or white
• Eucalyptus branches
• Minimalistic glassware
• Marble tabletops
• Black details, think of little Christmas trees, ribbons etc.
• Candles!

Apply these tips and your Scandinavian party is ready for take-off!


Scandinavian subtlety

At Table du Sud you are free to compose your dinner table, but we have helped those Scandinavian fans at the hand of our special “Scandinavian” series. These are all dinner tables that fit perfectly in a Scandinavian interior; they are timeless, their tabletops are thinner, and we even designed fitting Scandinavian table bases.


modern family

Do you prefer a sleek design without too much fuss? Then a modern style might be your fit, it’s also easily applicable to many different tables with a sturdy or sleek touch, such as our industrial dinner tables or Fenix models. Like the table, the tableware and cutlery for the modern Christmas table is sleek in its design. Combine this with a contemporary-coloured carpet along with some brightly coloured baubles and the entire family is set for a lovely meal.

A rustic christmas

Are cosy, snug and nature some of the terms that fit your interior design? Then a rustic Christmas table might be for you! Like rustic interior design, the rustic Christmas table is characterised by natural tones. Think of natural materials such as wood and stone, but also consider earth tones like brown and green. Using only a few pine branches, you can easily add a touch of nature to your table, but also don’t forget some large, wooden cloches outfitted with beautiful candles! This decorative approach fits best with dining tables made of lived oak. These kinds of tables are beautifully cracked and knotted, which makes your interior design really resemble nature.


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