Rectangular spaces

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Do you have a rectangular house and find it difficult how to best organize it? With a long living room, it is important that you ensure that the space is broken up. If you put all the furniture along the wall, it makes the room look even longer. In this blog, you will read a number of practical tips, so that you can ensure that your rectangular home comes into its own.


TIP #1: ENsure variation in shape

If you look at all the shapes present in a home, you’ll notice how many of them are straight. At any rate, people tend to prefer these shapes as they feel most familiar. However, it might be advisable to alternate the shapes you use, as this might result in a more playful whole. Think of a round dining table/coffee table instead of a rectangular one, think of round cushions in alternation with rectangular cushions, think of a round ottoman… and the list goes on. Important tip: pay attention to how light enters the room and make use of this. For instance, don’t place a tall cabinet in that one space where the natural lighting is most beautiful, as this can make a room appear so much smaller. 


TIP #2: ease down on colours and prints

If we look at the colours, it is almost always recommended to ease them down as much as possible. Want to hang wallpaper? Try only wallpapering a small portion of the wall. Also, you can make any space appear bigger by painting wainscoting, which will also interrupt the room’s whole and create an interesting look. Regarding window decoration it is, likewise, advisable to pick light and natural hues. 

TIP #3: get yourself an eyecatcher

To divert attention from the smallness of your space, it is advisable to opt for an eyecatcher. Pick one of our beautiful round tables and couple it with a striking tabletop. How about marble? Or a herringbone pattern? This way you do not only already check off variation in shapes (tip 1), but you’ll also make sure you’re able to style your surrounding interior in a suitable manner. Because your dining area will always be a central spot in your home – a place to meet with friends and family – it is worthwhile to include its surrounding furnishing in your decision-making progress.


TIP #4: MULTIFUNCTIONal furniture

It is always smart to choose multifunctional furniture if you want to save space. Pick dining chairs that you can also include in the seating area and which also match your style. Nice chairs with armrests, for example, ones that can also be used in the sitting area when you have family or friends over. Another option is to combine some dining chairs with a beautiful dining couch. Makes for some nice contrast, don’t you think?


TIP #5: furniture with legs

Choosing a new couch? Then pick a couch with a relatively high seating. If you pick a couch that reaches the floor, you allow the room to be less open and therefore to appear smaller. Choose a nice three-seater or, if it fits the space, consider a corner sofa.

About table du sud

Are you looking for new furniture to fit your living room? Whether you have a narrow or wide living room (or anything in between), we’re always able to help you. In addition, a lot of our furniture is custom-made, so it’s precisely tailored to your needs! This is perfect because it allows you to always find the solution to your interior. All our tables are manufactured in our personal workshop by people with a sincere heart for the business. This is not only amazing to see, but it also ensures you of our quality – you can safely enjoy your tables (and all the other pieces of furniture) for a long time! If you have any remaining questions – whether they are about our products or about something else – you’re always free to contact our customer service!


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