Maintenance sofa

First aid for stains in your fabric or leather sofa.

You probably recognize it: you sit comfortably on the couch until you suddenly knock over the cup of coffee! What to do? We will advise you.


different structures

So many sofas, so many different materials. at Table du Sud you can compose your ideal sofa yourself. You can choose between a sofa of fabric, leather or microfibre, with the open sanded leather being the most vulnerable.

Sanded leather
Sanded leather is an open type of leather that has a roughened matt appearance. It is sensitive to grease, dirt and moisture. The leather has an open pore, this means that stains can easily penetrate. So if there is a spill, The stain should be dabbed up as quickly as possible. Do not rub, then you just press the liquid into the pores!


Dab with a moisture absorbing cloth

Even with textiles, a stain can easily penetrate the fabric. If it does get stained, dab it with a moisture-absorbing cloth. You can carefully "scrape" away fresh stains from solids as much as possible. Then use the Table du Sud maintenance product.

Microfibre furniture is easy to maintain. If there is a stain on it, we recommend, as with textiles, to dab it up with a moisture-absorbing cloth. If the stain is then injected with the appropriate care product, the stain can be removed with a clean polishing cloth after it has worked for 2-3 minutes.


Maintenance and service

We recommend appropriate maintenance products for each type of furniture. You can easily purchase these on the website and the products are also shown below. Sanded leather includes our leather care kit, textile furniture includes the textile care kit and microfibre furniture, you can remove stains with the leather care kit for microfibre leather.

All in house service
Do you really want to be sure that your sofa is completely protected against stains? Then choose our all-in-house service. Your furniture is provided with high-quality protection. The invisible fiber protector makes your furniture stain resistant and very user-friendly. This makes it easy to clean and liquids do not have a chance to cause a permanent stain.

If a permanent stain does occur on your furniture, you can rely on our professional service. The furniture has 5 years of protection and stain service. We then remove all stains caused by drinks, food and all excretion  of humans and mammals. This stain service is even more extensive with leather! More information about our all in house service? Please contact us without obligation.


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