Table finishings

So many tables, so many finishes.

At Table du Sud you can compose your furniture yourself. In addition to the type of wood and the base, you can also choose the color of the table top. The right color for every room!


tabletop finishes

Below you will find an overview of the different colours we offer. Each treatment is based on a special oil or lacquer for furniture that is used intensively. There will be no (white) circles and stains and you can just put a cup of warm tea without a felt on the table. You only need to be careful with red wine, do not leave it on the table all night, in the long run the stain will still penetrate the wood.

By applying the ultra matt lacquer, the wood retains the untreated look. This treatment ensures that your table is very well protected.

The tables treated with our lacquer are maintenance-free.


On our website, a large part of the wooden furniture is depicted in the ultra matt lacquer, a colour that combines very well with other colours in the house. In this case, the table has an untreated look but is very well protected against circles and stains.

In the unlikely event that other irregularities do occur, you can sand the table locally with 80 grit and re-treat the table.


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