New oak wood

The oak tables at Table du Sud are available in both “new” and “lived” oak. Although these tabletops are made of the same quality oakwood, they have a different finishing. New oak is not brushed and next to this its knots are filled, which gives the table a smooth feeling. These new oak tables appear calmer and more modern.



New oak is filled by default. Filling knots is usually done with an oak-coloured paste that colours along with your table’s colour. There’s also the option to pick a black filling.


You can decide to have your table brushed. Although the surface will be slightly less smooth, the blade itself will have a more defined structure. Brushing is carried out with heavy machinery, which may chip some little pieces of filling. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent this, so if you prefer a sealed table, opt for a non-brushed blade. Additionally, every plank has its own hardness, so one plank may display more structure than the other.



Sawing in

New oak is usually not sawn in. The edges remain sleek, with a small slant towards the wood’s sharp edges (as shown on the picture above).

Characterisation new oak

• No cracks
• Knots 
• Knots are filled
• Sleek look

On the two pictures to the right two new oak blades are displayed.

All tables are composed out of different planks. Because every plank has a different colour, we cannot prevent colour differences. Wood is and remains a natural product, so our different tabletops cannot be exact copies of each other.


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