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You have fallen in love with marble tables, but you find ease of use just as important as design? Then we have the solution for you: ceramic tables!


Ceramics may not be the first material that comes to mind when purchasing a new dining table, but it is used a lot these days—and for good reason!

Ceramics is an industrially manufactured product featuring clay as the main component. The clay is pressed under extremely high pressure before it is fired at a high temperature.
This creates a light, but very strong material that is extremely scratch resistant and can withstand high and low temperatures. Placing a hot pan on a ceramic tabletop is no problem at all!

Ceramic tables are resistant to scratches, chemicals, alkaline products, heat, frost, and UV radiation. They are also very easy to maintain.


Besides being beautiful, a ceramic tabletop is also maintenance-friendly. In fact, it is basically maintenance-free! That’s actually the biggest advantage ceramic tabletops have over our marble tables. You really only have to clean the ceramic top as you would with your kitchen worktop!

We recommend using the  ceramic maintenance spray to clean your ceramic tabletop. This cleaning agent is ready for use, so you can use it immediately for cleaning.


We wouldn’t be Table du Sud if you couldn’t customise the table to your tastes. We also make the ceramic tables to measure, especially for you! This means that you can determine the size of the table yourself, but also the shape.  You'll find round ceramic tables, oval ceramic tables and rectangular ceramic tables at Table du Sud.  Moreover, the ceramic dining tables are also available in different colors, so you can completely match them to the rest of your interior.


We have chosen the Italian company Marazzi as the supplier of our ceramic tops. The company has been around since 1935 and is a true specialist in the field of ceramics.

Just like us, Marazzi also considers sustainability and quality to be of paramount importance in addition to design. The company is a leader in its industry in the field of sustainable production and has ensured that the production cycle of ceramics is a closed process. This means that they have developed a system for collecting and reusing waste. In addition, environmental quality criteria are applied throughout the production cycle, limiting the consumption of natural resources and the impact on the environment through the restoration of the quarry landscape and vegetation, controlled waste management, optimisation of energy consumption and the recycling of waste water.


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