When will my order be delivered?

The average table delivery time is 8-10 weeks. However, for chairs and sofas this may deviate per product. We try to deliver the order at the same time, unless specified otherwise. It is also possible to place an order and to have this delivered later. During your order, please be clear about the specifics so we can take this into account. More than a week before delivery, our planner will be in touch to fine-tune the exact moment of delivery. You will also receive an email – with a precise time indication – about 36 hours before delivery. On the day itself, our couriers will give get in touch about 30 minutes before they arrive.

When do I receive my order confirmation?

When you have placed your order (either through the showroom or online) you will receive an order confirmation over the week. All order details are clearly displayed in this confirmation as well.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Due to our custom-made services, we maintain a 10% down payment. If you decide on home delivery, we will also charge another 10% as down payment. We do not ask a down payment if you order through one of our showrooms; you can simply pay the full amount upon delivery.

What payment systems are available?

You can pay your online deposit using:

  • Ideal
  • Bancontact
  • Sofort
  • Transfer before delivery
  • Belfius
  • Paypal


What about delivery charges?

  • Pick up: free
  • Ground floor or first/second floor (if accessible by a stairwell) delivery: €65
  • Third floor or higher delivery: €85
  • Delivery through indoor elevator: €65
  • Delivery through moving lift (provided by customer): €95
  • Moving lift provided by Table du Sud (max. 7 floors): €245
  • Sofa/couch delivery: free
  • Wall shelves delivery: €35 or per postal package

What are the terms and conditions at Table du Sud?

As with every other company, our terms and conditions apply to your order(s). You may find them here.

Are all the showroom articles also available for online purchase?

Generally, all showroom articles are available for online purchase, excluding custom work. However, not all the articles displayed in our web shop are available in our showrooms. Do you want to check out a piece of furniture? Please get in touch with us – either via mail or phone – to be sure it is available in one of our showrooms.

Do I need to arrange my own moving lift?

If it is not possible to reach your home either by stairwell or elevator, Table du Sud is able to arrange a moving lift. Please be clear when this is needed while placing your order. These relevant costs shall be borne by the customer, unless otherwise negotiated.  

Can I pick the delivery date?

You cannot pick the exact delivery date for your order. Our planner will mail you with a date proposal a week prior to delivery. If this date does not work out, we will simply think along and see when it will. Preference for a specific week? Please indicate this in the comment section of your order.

How do I post a complaint/flaw?

We attempt to solve all complaints/flaws as soon as possible and in the best possible way. Please contact info@tabledusud.nl or phone us at 040 304 6229.

Can I return my order?

There is no right to withdraw in force on our products, as these are all custom-made for you.

What is my warranty?

We have a one-year warranty on our products. You can find more information in our terms and conditions.

How do I maintain my table?

Our tables are maintenance-free. It is best to clean your table with a damp cloth. If you want to find more information regarding your table’s maintenance, please consult the page “table maintenance”.

How do I maintain my chair/sofa?

Maintaining your chair/sofa depends on the material it is made of. Please consult the page “fabric/leather maintenance”.

Do you have a showroom?

Have you seen a nice table or some other piece of furniture on our website, but would you rather see them/try them out in person?  No problem! Simply visit one of our showrooms! If you need more (geographical) information or information about our opening times, please consult our showroom page.

Showroom Heeze, (Bij Eindhoven) Koolakkers 12, 5591RD

Showroom Nieuwkoop, (Randstad) Industrieweg 3D, 2421LK

Showroom Deventer (Overijssel) Houtmarkt 14, 5591RD

It is not necessary to make an appointment during opening hours. If you woulk like to receive a free interior design consult, you can make an appointment here

What is the most used table height?

Because every base is custom-made depending on the table, this is entirely up to you. With table height, we refer to the distance from the ground to the top of the blade. Our advisory height is 76 cm.

The join-in height (for chairs) is easily calculable by deducting the blade’s thickness of the total height. At the default table height of 76 cm and a blade thickness of 5 cm, you will be left with 71 cm of space to place your chairs. 99% percent of all armrest chairs may be placed at the table without a problem.

How many chairs fit around my table?

Wondering how many chairs may fit around your table? Or how big your table must be to house a certain number of chairs? This is dependent on both the table’s shape as well as the width of your chairs.

If you want more information and/or advice, please consult the page “number of chairs around my table”.

What space is available between/around my table’s base?

This depends on both the type of base as well as your table’s size. For this, it may be best if you get in touch with our customer service at 040 304 6229.

Can I buy a tabletop/ base separately?

This is possible, check out the base page to find an overview of all our separate bases. Besides separate bases, we also have a selection of separate tabletops. For this, it may be best if you either give us a call or send us an email to request an invoice.

Is it possible to order a table with a deviating size?

No problem whatsoever! All tables are made at our own workshop, so deviating sizes are easily for us to produce. Please get in touch with us through phone or by mail.

Can I order custom wall shelves?

We can produce wall shelves in thicknesses of 3, 4 and 5 cm. The wall shelves are always made of solid oak, and if you pick a thickness of 4 cm you also have the possibility to opt for an invisible suspension system. For deviating sizes, it is best to get in touch with ilse@tabledusud.nl.

Can I determine my table’s colour?

Of course! There are thirteen different colours of oak wood, and even the Fenix tables come in different colours. With our Suar live edge tables, you can choose between an ultra-matte coating or an oil treatment (which enhances the colour a bit more).

Can I leave my table outside?

Our oak dinner tables are only suitable for indoor use. Looking for a beautiful industrial garden table? Take a look at our garden tables.

Are the table’s knots filled?

By default, knots in tables made of “new oak” are filled, but knots in tables made of “lived oak” remain untreated. Want more information? Please consult the page “Wood variations”. 

Is there a possibility of movement of the table’s wood?

As you know, oak wood is a natural product. Our oak wood is sawed and dried with a moisture content ranging between 8 and 12%, which renders the product suitable for usage in a heated room. Wood both absorbs and releases moisture, depending on its surroundings’ humidity.

Wood will barely move when the indoor humidity remains largely equal. Humidity values are important regarding the extent to which the wood will move. To measure humidity, it is best to use a hygrometer. Place one of these at eye level, out of the sun and out of the draught.

It is important to consider humidity during the heating season. The humidity may drop down considerably, potentially leading to some slight cracking of the wood. If this is the case, the placement of a small pan of water over either your heating or a stove will be sufficient. If you do not own a radiator, we recommend you buy a humidifier.

An almost consistent humidity of 50 to 60%, allowing a 10% drop-off in the winter and a 10% rise in the summer, should prove to be a healthy climate for both you and your solid oak furniture.

Only production errors are included in our warranty terms. This means that wood movement is not covered under warranty. It is the customer’s own responsibility to prevent the movement of wood as much as possible.

What does “sawing in” mean?

‘Lived oak’ tabletops are sawed in by default. This means that small notches are made in both the table’s end faces to provide the blade with a characteristic, lived look.

For more information, consult our page “Wood variations”. 

How much does a table weigh?

With tables of 220 x 100 cm, the blade weighs about 80 to 90 kilograms. Fortunately, the table is demountable, so we can install your table problem-free. Please notify us if the table’s destination is on a higher floor.

Do the sofas consist out of different modules?

You can compile most of our sofas, such as its fabric, its size, but also the number of modules. If you want more information about these modules and its measurements, please look at the pictures of the relevant sofa.

Do you take my old table or sofa with you?

We cannot take your used furniture with us.

As an interior designer, are there any special conditions applicable?

We do have special conditions for interior designers. Please get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.

More questions? Please get in touch

If you have more questions about your order, you can get in touch Table du Sud, either via mail (info@tabledusud.nl) or via phone at +31 40 304 6229

We do ask you to keep your order details close by.


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