Wood is a material that is not only beautiful, but also highly recyclable and renewable. The bulk of our furniture is made of this magnificent material. This means we are a heavyweight user, which calls for responsibility. We endeavour to counter deforestation and only purchase wood from parties with the right sustainability seals. These seals ensure that forests all around the world can be maintained through responsible forestry. Animal and plant habitats are protected, and we take a respectful approach towards the rights of both the local forestry workers and general population. Moreover, our tables are delivered without any plastic packaging.
Besides the sustainable acquisition of our wood, we like to take things a step further. In collaboration with Trees for All, Table du Sud  replants one tree per three sold tables. This works via a 1-2 system; meaning we plant one tree in the Netherlands and one abroad. After all, trees are THE solution to climate change. In this way, Table du Sud not only contributes to a better climate, but also to more biodiversity and better living conditions for foreign locals.
Of course, the production of furniture demands power. As we built a new factory hall in 2019, we decided to augment the sustainability of this segment as well. A sunny summer offered the solution: solar power. After all, the sun is a clean source of energy that never runs out. We have placed  solar panels all along the roof of the entire building to ensure a sustainable generation of the power we use.

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