No hassle with building kits, we can deliver our furniture
simply at your home and assemble them on site.

After you have completed your order, you may opt to pick it up yourself at the factory in Heeze, or have it delivered at home.
Delivery both includes assembly as well as the furniture’s correct placement. This is especially handy when you ordered a heavy table!

These are the delivery charges at Table du Sud:

Pick up Free
Ground floor delivery Free
Delivery of chairs/couches Free
First or second floor delivery by stairwell (only for tables < 30kg) € 65,-
Third floor delivery € 85,-
By stairwell (only for tables < 30kg) € 85,-
Delivery through indoor elevator
(provided that the elevator is big enough)
€ 65,-
Moving lift provided by Table du Sud (max. 7 floors):  € 195,-
Marble tables via moving lift €245,-
Wall shelves delivery
(Optionally per postal package)
€ 35,-
Delivery + assembly in Belgium with a travelling time exceeding one hour € 65,-
Delivery + assembly Frysian Islands € 135,-


For deliveries to an upper floor and deliveries of  marble tops or large table tops, our logistics department will contact you.

They assess the situation and determine whether a lift is necessary on the basis of health and safety guidelines. If a moving lift is necessary, the costs will be for the customer. Another option in such cases is delivery to the front door.

If in doubt, please contact us.

Tips for a pleasant delivery:

  • Check the dimensions of doors, windows and stairways through which the table must pass beforehand carefully. Only a very spacious staircase is an option.
  • Check the corners / bends through which the table has to go and measure them.
  • Provide an easily accessible pathway.
  • Let us know if we can only come between certain times (for example due to poles in the city center).
  • Parking permits 

We regularly experience that our customers underestimate the weight of the tops. Our tops are heavy and can only be moved lengthwise. Therefore they cannot be transported vertically (upright). We bear responsibility for the well-being of our deliverers, whereby ergonomic working is important. Moreover, the Arbo has drawn up conditions for this and we must also comply with them.

* Delivery with a moving lift

When your order has to be delivered with a moving lift, we will arrange it fo you. The costs are for your account. We deliver up to the 7th floor, which costs € 195. For marble tables, the cost is € 245 because these table tops are provided with extra packaging and protection because of their fragility.

Why are the costs of the moving lift at € 195?
The costs of a moving lift consist of the basic costs of the lift itself, additional administration costs compared to a regular delivery and extra time to schedule the delivery. In addition, it takes approximately three times as long to deliver a table with a moving lift. On top of that, the risk of damage is higher  than when we can carry the table with our own hands, so we also have to take this risk into account. Sometimes tables also have to be packed extra to prevent damage.

Do you think these costs are too high? Then it is also possible to arrange the moving lift yourself.
In that case, the table will be delivered  to the ground floor and will not be assembled by Table du Sud.  In that case, delivery is free.

Important for delivery via moving lift:

  • Table du Sud depends on the rental company when planning the moving lift. 
  • If you are able to be more flexible planningwise, we can deliver your order faster. 
  • When a parking permit is required, this is your responsibility.
  • Measure very well the windows / doors through which the order has to go.
  • Take into account special delivery conditions such as a French balcony and the position of the moving lift.

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